Uthe / Athe

Written and Performed by Raji Basi
Directed by Lina de Guevara


Video excerpts. Filmed by Teri Petz during the Meli Festival


Uthe/Athe, written and performed by Raji Basi, is based on her personal experiences as a young woman born in India and raised in Canada, struggling to find her identity while living in two cultures.

Using dance, movement, and music, Uthe/Athe traces Raji’s search for her authentic self in her traditional family upbringing and in her community today. She presents a sensitive, poignant, and colourful panorama of her journey.

The play dramatizes the sometimes funny, sometimes exasperating predicament faced by immigrants living in Canada today – a multicultural reality of modern Canada – and invites the audience to reflect on issues of identity and tradition, issues that touch us all.

This production appeals to all ages, especially young people, as it offers a fresh perspective on their struggles for identity and a new understanding of the experience of difference.

Uthe Athe Poster

Production of Uthe / Athe as part of the Meli Festival:

Cast & Crew

Written & performed by: Raji Basi
Artistic Direction & Dramaturgy: Lina de Guevara
Soundscape: Enrique Rivas
Lighting Design: William Mackwood
Stage Manager: Rebecca Mulvihill
Staging Consultant: Barbara Poggemiller
Producer: Marianne van der Meij

Photos by Brian Rivas


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