The Woman who fell from the sky

“The Woman who fell from the Sky”. In 2009 PUENTE Theatre presented this play by Victor Hugo Rascón Banda, one of Mexico’s best known playwrights. It is the true story of a Tarahumara woman institutionalized for 12 years in a US mental hospital after her Indigenous language and culture are mistaken for insanity. The play was performed in English, Spanish and Rarámuri.
Director’s program note.
“The woman who fell from the sky” is a documentary play based on the true story of Rita Quintero, a Raramuri woman from the Tarahumara tribe in the Copper Canyon in Northwestern Mexico. In 1983 she was found in a suburb of Kansas City, USA. What happened afterwards is a story heard all too often where cultural customs and behaviours are misinterpreted, considered threatening, crazy, unacceptable and dangerous. Such labeling sometimes has extreme consequences.
Rita’s character is complex, contradictory and beautiful. Her story raises many questions. How can we create true bridges between cultures? How can we remain open to each other so that we can share the richness and beauty of each culture, and understand their darker aspects so as to overcome them? The search for paths towards true communication and understanding has been PUENTETheatre’s ongoing task.
Lina de Guevara

Directed by Lina de Guevara.
Performers: Rosa Stewart, Enrique Barragan, Cam Culham and Gina McIntosh.
Stage Manager: Jessica McLeod.
Lighting Design:Jennifer Quinn.
Musical Director – Musician: Enrique Rivas.

Photos by Jon Faulkonor


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