Storytelling Our Lives 2003

Traditional oral storytelling spiced with music, mask and dance – this is Storytelling Our Lives, an original PUENTE Theatre production.

Writer/director Lina de Guevara, a Chilean immigrant, has for many years been gathering the stories of women who have moved to Canada to escape troubles at home, and to seek new opportunities. Storytelling Our Lives embodies a number of these tales. It focuses on themes dear to Guevara’s heart: the paradoxes of displacement and identity, and the resourcefulness of immigrants in creating lives for themselves in a new land.

“From the start this has been a collaborative project,” says Guevara. “We have gathered stories from many immigrants – some writing to us, others communicating with us in person, or taking part in workshops we have offered. There is joy in these stories, and of course sadness as well. Our role has been to pick a few of these tales that capture the essence of the experience, and shape them into theatre.”

Five female actors, with roots on five continents, bring the stories to life on stage, using song, dance, and the words of many languages. They are supported by a group of live musicians, and by a large chorus wearing masks and playing percussion.

Director: Lina de Guevara
Choreographer: Barbara Poggemiller
Designer: Maureen Mackintosh
Musical Director: Enrique Rivas
Raji Surinder Basi
Dana Hunter
Ineke Lievens
Romina Miranda
Janice Santos
Stage Manager: Sharon Bell
Producer: John Gould