Scene + Heard is a project that connects the oldest form of storytelling with some of the most modern. Following up on a sold out 2008 performance, this second incarnation of CineVic: Society of Independent Filmmakers and Puente Theatre’s project is the next phase of a collaboration project between local filmmakers and traditional oral storytellers, and will feature three new works to add to the original three. Each story is either a traditional story or is the tellers own personal expression illuminating an experience of multiculturalism.

The returning artists participating are Grace Salez, Mark Borowski, Rachel Moore, Raji Basi, Janice Valdez, and Paulina Grainger. Program Administrators are curator Kemi Craig and director Lina De Guevara. The 2010 additions to this project are:

THE WILD WOMAN – Director and UVic Associate Professor Maureen Bradley teams up with storyteller Jennifer Ferris to create a video triptych in high definition. The Wild Woman fuses contemporary dance and drama to recount a timeless Czech fable. Choreography by Stacey Horton (TriPOD Dance) interpreted by Lori Hamar (TriPOD Dance) and LInnea Gwiazda (White Space Dance), featuring Karen Lee Pickett (On The Lam Productions).

BETWEEN is the true story of a young indigenous man’s soul, told for both audience and ancestors to hear. It is a collaboration of filmmaker Scott Amos and performer Rob Hunter about finding balance, floating between identities.

THE WHITE BONED DEMON is a performance narrated by Susu Ma and visualized by filmmaker Denver Jackson. This story is a traditional Chinese myth based on the tales of the Monkey King, Wukong. Denver has used many different techniques from animation to live-action creating a visual mixed media representation of the tale. The atmosphere and mood is delightful and playful, and incorporates theatrical elements into it’s visuals. With the narrated performance from Susu and the multimedia from Denver, the performance promises to be a powerful mix of the two mediums.

Each of the six pieces performed is a unique collaboration, and audiences should expect to experience stories and images as varied as the artists taking part. The live performers intertwine their tales with film, animation, and video, almost like fireside story with a multi-media enhancement. The collaborations between the storytellers and the filmmakers will be presented two nights (Feb 20 an 21) during BC Multiculturalism Week at the Metro Studio Theatre.