Written and Performed by Krystal Cook
Directed by Lina de Guevara

Krystal Cook
Emergence is the journey of Kwakwaka’wakw poet Krystal Cook . She uses movement, mask, sound and spoken word to explore and celebrate the emergence of voice. She reflects and shares poignant experiences that have shaped and influenced her world view.

Emergence examines Krystal’s role as a poet. The journey takes her from a tribal fishing village to the big city and investigates the spiritual tests and victories she encounters in her desire to become whole amidst colliding world views. The play speaks to and questions her experience with the residue left behind from Residential School.

Emergence is the poet’s humble love offering to create sacred space for people to stand in their beauty and magnificence. A glorious space to just be where we are, not carrying the heartbreak and tragedy. It is the exciting opportunity to acknowledge the rich characters, oral history, and spirit words that live in our lifeblood.

Emergence is a step towards creating and affirming earth-based theatre that honours ancestral forces and connections to spirit, land and family.

Production of Emergence as part of the Meli Festival (March 2007):

Cast & Crew

  • Performed & written by: Krystal Cook
  • Announcer’s voice: John Campos
  • Artistic Direction & Dramaturgy: Lina de Guevara
  • Soundscape: Enrique Rivas
  • Lighting Design: William Mackwood
  • Masks: Miles Lowry
  • Stage Manager: Rebecca Mulvihill
  • Staging Consultant: Barbara Poggemiller
  • Producer: Marianne van der Meij

Video excerpt filmed by  Teri Petz  during the Meli Festival

Emergence at FemFest08 Winnipeg October 2008
Photos by Janet Shum

Photos by Point & Shoot Imagery