Crossing Borders

“Crossing Borders” was invited to the 1990 Women in View Festival in Vancouver,  to the 1991 “Bread & Water “Canadian Popular Theatre Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, and toured widely in BC, presenting performances in Victoria, Salt Spring Island, Denman Island, Duncan, Nanaimo, Harrison Hot Springs,. Burnaby and Campbell River.

“Crossing Borders” (1990) was PUENTE’s second play. It told about the experiences of immigrant men. They arrived to this country on their own, many were refugees and some were here illegally.

Crossing Borders

Many Latin American men earned their living as musicians, playing Latin American rhythms in bands that were very popular with the Canadian mainstream. We decided, therefore, that this play should be a musical comedy.


During the process of rehearsal the men talked openly about their experiences in the workplace, their feelings of nostalgia and their love for music, but they were very reticent to talk about their family lives. In this they were very different from the women in “I wasn’t born here” for whom the topic of the family was central. This difference in attitude between men and women awakened our curiosity and suggested the topic for our third play “Canadian Tango”.

Performers/Musicians: Enrique Rivas, Edgar Acevedo, Manuel Alberto, Oscar Cruz. A collective creation, written and directed by Lina de Guevara. Props and Masks: Maureen Mackintosh, Stage Manager: Milú Gelbort

Changing Rhythms – Part 1

Changing Rhythms – Part 2