As Actor

  • In Canada:
  • 2017  – “Alice’s Gift” by Elisabeth Wagner : ” Alice”
  • 2013 -“From the Heart” Scene 5: “A long and complex relationship”
  • 2010 -‘The Life Inside”, Maurice Materlinck,  “The old woman”
  • 2008-“Algarabia/Danza”, Poetry/dance  “Recitadora”
  • 1999 -“Pastorela de Juan Tierra”, Jaime Silva: “Grandmother”
  • 1997-“Evita and Victoria”, Monica Ottino: “Victoria Ocampo”
  • 1995-“Talking with…”, Jane Martin  “Woman with the lamps”
  • 1994-“Coming of Age”, Patsy Ludwick:  “Old”
  •  1983- “Play Strindberg”, Friedrich Durrenmat, “Wife”
  • “Turns”, Kevin Land: “Jasmine”
  • “Dinner at the Norms”, Kevin Land: “Mrs. Norm”
  • “Terror”, Kevin Land:  “Hostage”
  • “Children of a Lesser God”, Mark Medoff, “Mother”

In Chile (1966 to 1976):

  • “The Glass Menagerie”, Tennessee Williams: “Amanda”
  • “Happy Days”, Samuel Beckett: “Winnie”,
  • “The Bald Soprano”, Ionesco: “Mrs. Smith”
  •  “Oratorio 1850”, Jaime Silva: “Flapper”
  • “The gospel according to St. James”, Jaime Silva: “Eva”
  • “Joaquin Murieta”, Pablo Neruda: various roles
  • “Herr Puntila and his servant Matti”, Bertold Brecht: Eva
  • “Fuenteovejuna”, Lope deVega : Various roles
  • “Doctor in Spite of himself”: Moliere, “Wife”
  • “Commedia del Arte”:Various roles
  • “Marat- Sade”, Peter Weiss, “Aristocrat.”
  • “The death of Bessie Smith”:Edward Albee, “Nurse”
  • “The Hostage, Brendan Behan: “Prostitute”

Lina de Guevara - The Life Inside