A collaboration between PUENTE Theatre and triPOD dance collective.

An evening of improvised dance inspired by poetry readings from around the world.

Listening to poetry read in other languages is pure, spoken music; rhythm, intonation, emphasis, textures with striking differences and unexpected similarities. For each poem an ensemble of professional dancers interprets these qualities into movement. They improvise to the sound, not knowing the literal meanings, (nor will the audience). And at times the readers are, in turn, influenced by the dancers-a mutual improvisation. It is a taste of some of the many deep rhythms of humanity through poetry and dance.

Directed by Lina de Guevara, Lori Hamar and Hugh Macpherson

Featuring dancers:

  • Constance Cooke
  • Lori Hamar
  • Stacey Horton
  • Hugh Macpherson
  • Lisa Milloy
  • Robbyn Scott
  • Treena Stubel

 Featuring readers:

  • Chinese: Susu
  • Cree: Rob Hunter
  • English: Carina Pogoler
  • French: Jen Cižman
  • Japanese: Ayumi Hamada
  • Old English: Hugh Macpherson
  • Russian: Vitaly Kazako
  • Spanish: Lina de Guevara
  • Swahili: Paulina Grainger
  • Tamil: Karun Thanjavur

Presented at the Metro Studio Theatre, Victoria BC Canada. November 29th, 2008.

Audience’s comments:

“THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !and I think that’s the best and most engaging performance of anything we’ve seen in a long time.  Inspired – truly. “

“The show was fantastic! The evolution of mankind took a beautiful step tonight. I’m so happy I was a part of it (in the audience). Thank you for the invite. Please let me know of future events.”

“That was a great evening. Thank you so much”


Dancers: Stacey Horton, Lisa Milloy, Robbyn Scott, Treena Stubel
Reader: Paulina Grainger – Swahili

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