Recent and ongoing projects

An Applied Theatre project of the Intercultural Association and the Victoria Police Department MAY/JUNE 2016. FACILITATED BY VICTOR PORTER AND LINA DE GUEVARA. Read article and see photos of one of the presentations here:
Photos of the seminar can be viewed on the ICA FLIKR photo sharing website:
Exploring Relationships between Police and Diverse Communities

Transformational Theatre at UVIC, CONTINUING STUDIES. Wednesdays, March 14 to April 4, 2018. 6/30 to 9 pm.   REGISTRATION OPEN NOW: ( page 18 on the 2018 Calendar)

Code: ASTH629 2018S W01

Solo Performance Workshops at UVIC, CONTINUING STUDIES: Next one:Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25, 2018, Registration open now! Page 18 on the 2018 Calendar

Code: ASTH654 2018 W01  

master at workPolice and the Immigrant Community”,  (2013-14) an Intercultural Association (I.C.A.). project facilitated by Lina de Guevara and Victor Porter. See rehearsal and workshops’ photos:
This ground-breaking program takes new approach in relationships between police and immigrants.Victoria, BC – Read More

For more information on the Police and Community Project contact ICAArts & Outreach Coordinator Paulina Grainger at <a) href=”mailto:”>pgrainger@icavictoria.orgor 250-388-4728 ext. 138.
Read article  published inCultures WEST, Vol 32, No 1-Spring 2014 (AMSSA Publication) Breaking the Barriers between the police and the immigrant community.

 Staging Diversity and Disability in the Workplace”. A project sponsored by I.C.A.  facilitated by Lina de Guevara and Valeria Cortes, produced by Paulina Grainger. Participating Agencies are INTEGRA and KARDEL. This project started in July 2014 and was completed at the end of that year with four public presentations.

“Interlaced” 2013-  An  interfaith storytelling project, sponsored by the Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria (I.C.A.) facilitated by Lina de Guevara and Jennifer Ferris. This project ended with a public Story Telling performance at the Belfry Studio. Photos: 

“River of Time” by Grace Salez. Presented at the UNO FESTIVAL, MAY 2016
Directed by Lina de Guevara, acted by Barbara Pogemiller, with music and sound by Enrique Rivas.

 ” From the Heart: 2013-Enter into the Journey of Reconciliation”, an ICA &, VIDEA project directed by Will Weigler. Lina is workshop participant and performer.

 “Arrival Stories, Mask & Movement”  an I.C.A. project directed by Barbara Pogemiller, mask work by Lina de Guevara. First Performance at the C.P.N. Diversity Conference, Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney BC. Nov.2, 2013.

“My Neruda”.(on-going) A voice/text workshop based on the poetry of Pablo Neruda, conducted by Lina de Guevara and Sebastian Mena. More 

.  “One degree closer” a film written and directed by Hilary Prior, inspired by a Pablo Neruda poem. Lina plays Ana, the lead character in this moving short film. Released this summer(2015), it will be seen in national and international festivals. (2015)

Triptych, a story-telling concert. September 13 2014 at Merlin’s Sun Home Theatre, 1983 Fairfield, 2PM and 8PM . With storytellers Lina de Guevara, Paulina Grainger and Jennifer Ferris.
 Audience comments: “Your stories were very moving.  You made me laugh and cry. You made me reflect on the joys, sorrows and beauty of life.  You gave a wonderful performance – you spoke well, great pacing and brought the audience into your life.  It felt like an honour to hear your stories”.”What a wonderful show it was! The themes were in depth and touching”. “That was a heartwarming and very artful show You three delivered the stories with humanity, elegance and panache”. Storytelling Catalogue 2

On going: performs as storyteller and speaker