Theatre Director

                                                                                  AS THEATRE DIRECTOR:  I was not born here

Since 1988: Founder and Artistic Director (retired June 2011), of PUENTE Theatre, to create plays, videos and other works about the experiences of immigrants in Canada. Since 2011 freelances as director and workshop leader. (see also)



As Writer and Director

  • “Patriot in Search of a country “(co-writer: Grace Chan),
  • “Storytelling Our Lives, On Tour”,
  • “Story Mosaic”,
  • “Theatre Against   Racism”,
  • “Act  Now Against Racism”,
  • “Story-Telling Our Lives”,
  • “Sisters/Strangers”,
  • “Familya”,
  • “Of Roots and Racism”,
  • “Canadian Tango- Forum” (presented at the 7th Theatre of the Oppressed Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • “VIDA Theatre-Forum”,
  • “Canadian Tango”,
  • “Crossing Borders” (presented at the Popular Theatre Festival, Edmonton 1991).
  • “I wasn’t born here” (presented at the Popular Theatre Festival, Guelph, 1989).
  • “Crossing Borders”

As Director

  • “The pilgrimage of the nuns of Concepción” (Jaime Silva)
  • “Scene & Heard Scored’
  • “The Woman who fell from the sky” (by Victor Hugo Rascon Banda)
  • “Algarabía/Danza” (co-directed with Hugh McPherson &Lori Hamar)
  • “Canadian Tango 09”, (by Carmen Aguirre)
  • ”The Good Story”, (by Rob Hunter)
  • “Peace Mum” (by Dario Fo)
  • ”Chile con carne”, (by Carmen Aguirre)
  • “Emergence” (by Krystal Cook)
  • “Uthe/Athe”(by Raji Basi)
  • Heinz 57”(by Dana Hunter)
  • “Letters for Tomas” (by Malucha Pinto)
  • “Pastorela de Juan Tierra, el inmigrante” (by Jaime Silva, presented at the 1er Festival Hispanoamericano de Pastorelas in Mexico City, 1999).
  • “Crossing Borders”

Other directing credits in BC, Canada

 “Twelfth Night”“ (Shakespeare /Leon Felipe); Commedia dell’Arte (Shakespeare Festival); “Mother Courage” (Bertold Brecht); “The House of Bernarda Alba” (F.Garcia Lorca);  “Happy Days” (Samuel Beckett); “O Best beloved” (Rudyard Kipling, adapt. by Ralph Cole)); “Show Boat”; “The secret obscenities of each day” (Marco Antonio de la Parra). “Formations”, “Transitions”, “A different mirror”.