Program Developer

As Program Developer:

  • “VIDA Project”: conducting research, training performer/facilitators and using theatre-forums to raise awareness about violence against women in the immigrant community. This project leads to the production of two videos on family violence in the Latin American Community: “Rosa’s Story” and “Like Father, Like Son”.
  • “Familya”:  conducting research, training performers/facilitators and presenting theatre forums about the relationships between parents and teen-aged children in the immigrant family. Leads to the production of two videos: “Familya” and “Changing Steps”
  • “Theatre against racism” conducting research, training performers/facilitators and presenting theatre forums on racism, its consequences and prevention.
  • “Act Now Against Racism, Project I” conducting research, training performers/facilitators and presenting theatre forum on racism in senior high schools.
  • “Story Mosaic”: conducting research, training performers/facilitators and presenting a play that values diversity and prevents racism and discrimination, for elementary school children.
  • “Sisters/Strangers”,“Storytelling Our Lives”, “Storytelling our lives On Tour”; Community plays that empower and highlight immigrant women. They included training actors and facilitators to conduct workshops for choruses of immigrant women, who participated on stage in the different locations where performances were presented.
  • “Act Now against Racism, Project II”: Training of facilitators who use theatre for anti-racism They are professionals in careers with wide areas of influence (e.g. teachers, counselors, lawyers)
  • Theatre-Forum presentations for the English Language Center at University of Victoria. On-going presentations using theatre to inform foreign students about safety.
  • ·Theatre Forum presentations for UVic. and Camosun College International Students Depts.
  • WORLDPLAY”. A series of staged play readings of works from other cultures. Presented over 50 international plays. Some countries featured: Nigeria, Chile, Mexico, Kenya, Japan, Lithuania, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Portugal, Trinidad, India, Argentina, Holland, China, Egypt.
  • Poetry readings and Storytelling events(on-going): Multilingual presentations that include immigrant artists and profile diverse cultures.
  • “Journey to Mapu” Workshop on the relationships between Latin American immigrants and Canadian First Nations. Participants conducted interviews in the immigrant and First Nations community, worked with the information in rehearsal and created a workshop presentation. Chilean Mapuche poet Elikura Chihuailaf  came to work with us and  did several public presentations.
  • “Our Journeys, Our Stories”  This was a three yearlong  program for immigrant women, conducted in collaboration with the Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria. It consisted in weekly meetings with recently immigrated women from all over the world. We used theatre exercises, storytelling, visual arts, etc. to help in the adaptation process.