International Experience

Summary of my work experience before coming to Canada:

Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile. (1972-76)

Director of the Department of Performing Arts, actress and teacher.
Performs in “The glass menagerie”(Tennessee Williams), “Happy Days” (Samuel Beckett), “The bald soprano” (Ionesco). Teaches Movement, Acting and Theatre History.

Instituto del Teatro de la Universidad de Chile, Santiago.  (1963-70)

Actress: “The gospel according to Saint James”, Jaime Silva, “Joaquin Murieta’ (Pablo Neruda), “Herr Puntila and his servant Matti” (Bertold Brecht), “Fuenteovejuna” (Lope de Vega), “The Hostage” (Brendan Dehan), “Doctor in spite of himself’ (Moliere),”Marat-Sade”. (Peter Weiss)

Teatro Estudio, Havana, Cuba: Actress and teacher. (1961-63)

Performs in “Fuenteovejuna”(Lope de Vega),  “The Bath” W. Mayakovski, “The death of Bessie Smith” (E.Albee). Teaches Movement , Spanish Classical theatre and Commedia dell’Arte..